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News for: 2019

SelfMadeHero teams with Dr Sketchy for Margate Bookie, 2019-11-04

Thought Bubble 2019: Rob Davis, John Dunning, Glyn Dillon & more, 2019-11-04

Rob Davis: "How I Wrote a Fork of Books", 2019-09-30

Typex, Aimée de Jongh and Jérôme Tubiana join SelfMadeHero at the Small Press Expo, 2019-09-11

USA: Jérôme Tubiana on Tour, 2019-09-10

Rachael Ball, Typex and Jérôme Tubiana join the Edinburgh Book Festival lineup, 2019-07-26

Celebrating 50 years since the moon landing with Matt Fitch and Chris Baker, 2019-07-08

Coming soon: The Book of Forks, 2019-05-31

Søren Mosdal, Aimée de Jongh, Typex and Julian Hanshaw join SelfMadeHero at TCAF, 2019-05-10

Shaun Tan, Jesús Carrasco and Javi Rey receive Eisner Award nominations, 2019-05-02

Art Masters: Basquiat by Julian Voloj and Søren Mosdal, 2019-04-24

Memoirs of a Book Thief by Alessandro Tota and Pierre Van Hove, 2019-04-17

Cannabis: An American History, 2019-04-02

Where I Work | Aimée de Jongh, 2019-03-22

Event | Jérôme Tubiana and Alexandre Franc discuss Guantánamo Kid at the London Review Bookshop, 2019-01-29

Six reasons to be cheerful: introducing our spring lineup, 2019-01-24