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Out now: Apollo by Matt Fitch, Chris Baker and Mike Collins

7 June 2018

Prepare for launch.

Matt Fitch, Chris Baker and Mike Collins' extraordinary account of the moon landing, Apollo, is out now, and to celebrate we're having a launch party at Soho's Gosh! Comics. (The moon would have been a more eye-catching venue, I know, but it lacks atmosphere.)

The launch takes place on Thursday 14th June, from 7-9pm. There'll be palatable wine, charming company and three creators with pens in hand, happy to scribble in your copy of the graphic novel.

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Buzz Aldrin once said, "Astronauts are not superhuman. They lead ordinary lives and have varied personalities." Apollo tells the breathtaking story of the mission itself; the moments of high drama and astonishing risk are captured in thrilling detail. But it is also a fascinating insight into the lives of three men who, in the most extraordinary of circumstances, are separated from their families and loved ones.

It's an incredible book, but don't just take our word for it.

Scientific American praised Fitch, Baker and Collins for their retelling of the "suspense-filled" story: "They convey surprising depth and emotion, as well as rich historical details of the era. The book explores the political tension around the space program at the time, the nerve-wracking anxiety experienced by the families of the crew, and the heart-stopping moments of the mission that proved to be such a milestone."

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And here's Publishers Weekly: "The moon landing is one of the most well-documented events in human history, but it’s reimagined here in a way that makes it feel new again. Lovers of space-race lore will want to pick this up."

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So, join us at Gosh! on Thursday 14th June to celebrate the launch of this handsome 160-page hardback. Lunar puns essential. Space suits optional.

Watch: The Brothers Quay, David Crowley and Jeff Willis on the Klimowski Poster Book

15 May 2018

Harold Pinter once said of the graphic artist Andrzej Klimowski, “He leads the field by a very long furlong, out on his own, making his own weather. He is Klimowski, unafraid”.

In this short video, filmmakers Stephen and Timothy Quay, author David Crowley and designer Jeff Willis discuss the work and influence of this most daring and brilliant of artists.

In the mid-1970s, Andrzej Klimowski’s fearlessly original artwork caught the eye of leading Polish theatre and film companies, for whom he designed some of the period’s most influential and iconic posters. The London-born artist, who moved to Poland at a time when many East Europeans dreamed of going West, went on to create posters for works by filmmakers and playwrights from Scorsese to Altman, Beckett to Brecht.

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Drawing on folk art, Polish Surrealism and the work of his mentor at the Warsaw Academy, Henryk Tomaszewski, Klimowski uses techniques including photomontage and linocut to create posters that are filled with metaphor, drama and originality.

The Klimowski Poster Book is out now and available from all good book stores.

New release: Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations: 1984-2013

15 February 2018

The first two volumes of Best of Enemies, Jean-Pierre Filiu and David B.’s graphic history of US and Middle East Relations, took in two hundred years of conflict and diplomacy, from the Barbary Wars to the Reagan era. The third and final volume, out now, is an essential guide to the events of the late twentieth- and early twenty-first century: thirty turbulent years that shaped the political and humanitarian crises of today, from the rise of populism and the so-called Islamic State to the global refugee crisis.

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Best of Enemies: Part Three begins with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and ends with Obama’s decision, in 2013, to put military action against Syria on hold. Spanning the First Gulf War, the rise of al-Qaeda, the military response to the September 11 attacks and the ongoing conflict in Syria, the third and final volume is propelled by a clash between four US presidents and their Middle Eastern antagonists: Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Bashar al-Assad.

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Filled with David B.’s trademark playfulness and wit, Best of Enemies is both erudite and immensely readable. It lands many satisfying satirical blows while never losing sight of the complexities of this troubled relationship and the difficulties faced by those attempting to manage it.

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Best of Enemies is out now and available in all good book shops.

Here's what we're publishing this spring

15 January 2018

January blues? Fear not, folks: the days are getting longer, the end of dry January is getting closer and green shoots are sprouting on the horizon. We're gearing up for a spring season that promises everything: cutting edge fiction, graphic adaptation, political non-fiction and art books of unparalleled beauty. Here's what we're publishing over the next six months.

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In February, we release the third and final volume of Jean-Pierre Filiu and David B.’s much lauded history of US and Middle East relations, Best of Enemies. Filled with wit and insight, it’s a concise and engaging guide to a period that began with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and ended with Obama’s decision, in 2013, to put military action against Syria on hold.

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Reinhard Kleist's Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: An Art Book has so far been available only through In March, it is released to bookshops country-wide. Find this full-colour, LP-sized coffee table book, filled with illustrations of the musician and his band, at a bricks-and-mortar store near you. You won't be disappointed.

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March also sees the release of the Klimowski Poster Book, a handsomely produced collection of poster designs by the graphic artist Andrzej Klimowski. Working for Polish theatre and film companies, and drawing on folk art and Surrealism, Klimowski designed some of his generation's most iconic and influential poster designs. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Illustration at the Royal College of Art.

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In April, a haunting, beautiful and devastating work of fiction: Out in the Open by Javi Rey. Adapted from Jesús Carrasco’s award-winning novel of the same name, Out in the Open follows a young boy who, after suffering violence and betrayal at home, flees into an uncompromising landscape ravaged by drought. An elderly goatherd is his only hope of saviour.

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In May, to mark the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth, we bring you Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson’s graphic adaptation of The Communist Manifesto. Rowson employs his trademark draughtsmanship and wit to this singular, energetic adaptation of Marx and Engels' revolutionary pamphlet. To this day, it remains one of the most important works of political theory ever published.

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In June, lift off... Writers Matt Fitch and Chris Baker have teamed up with Marvel and DC regular Mike Collins to tell the remarkable story of the first moon landing. Apollo unpacks the urban legends, the gossip and the speculation to reveal a remarkable true story about life, death, dreams and the reality of humanity's greatest exploratory achievement.

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Finally, also in June, John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy bring us a stylish contemporary thriller, Tumult. At a house party, Adam Whistler meets – and beds – the lovely Morgan. But when he encounters her a few days later, she has no memory of him and introduces herself as Leila. People are being murdered and Leila, who has dissociative identity disorder (or “multiple personalities”), fears that Morgan might be the killer.

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So, there's a lot to look forward to, basically. Stay tuned for news of launches, festival appearances and much, much more.