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20 March 2013

Now that we’ve established ourselves as the leading light of the graphic novel renaissance in Britain, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and set about breaking America. After our launch in the States last year, we’ve already gained a reputation as the most prominent British graphic novel publisher. As Casey Burchby wrote in Publishers Weekly last week, SelfMadeHero are leading a ‘New British Invasion’ of graphic novels in the States. The UK indie scene is fast growing a reputation as the place to go for ground-breaking graphic novels – and we’re at its heart.

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In April, we’ll be travelling to New York with four of our creators – Glyn Dillon (The Nao of Brown), JAKe and Robert Sellers (Hellraisers), and Rob Davis (Don Quixote) – all of whom will attend MoCCA Arts Festival as special guests. Run by the Society of Illustrators, this is one of the finest independent comic arts festivals in the States, taking place in the 69th Regiment Armory over the weekend of 6th-7th April. Our creators will be signing and sketching on the SelfMadeHero stand, D113-D114. They’ll also be discussing the Brit comics scene and their latest releases at a ‘Table Talk’ event on the Sunday at 2.30pm. The discussion will be chaired by Jimmy Aquino from the Comic News Insider podcast.

If that’s not enough, we’re also having a party at the brilliant Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn on Thursday 4th April. If you’re in New York, do pop in, pick up a drink and meet our creators.

You can read Boing Boing’s review of JAKe and Robert Sellers’ Hellraisers here and a review by Publishers Weekly here.

You can read the Chicago Tribune’s Scott Stantis on Glyn Dillon’s The Nao of Brown here and another review by The New York Times here.

Rob Davis discusses the daunting task of adapting Don Quixote here.

So we’re looking good to break America. Let’s just hope the trip doesn’t go the way of an Oasis tour. Or a visit by the hellraisers…

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