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SelfMadeHero at Thought Bubble

22 November 2013

This weekend, no less than seven – yes, seven! – amazing SelfMadeHero creators will be making their way to Leeds for Thought Bubble. Spread over four tables (103-106, New Dock Hall), the following artists will be signing, sketching and talking their way through the weekend: I. N. J. Culbard, author of The Shadow Out of Time and numerous other graphic novel adaptations; Rob Davis, creator behind the acclaimed graphic re-imagining of Don Quixote; Room For Love author ILYA; and Oscar Zarate, author of The Park.

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The weekend also sees release of Aama Vol. 1: The Smell of Warm Dust by Frederik Peeters, who’ll be signing and sketching copies of the book at Thought Bubble. On Saturday, he’ll also be talking about the book’s creation during a panel event hosted by Paul Gravett. Also featuring Oscar Zarate and ILYA, the ‘How They Work’ panel tales place at 15:45 in the Speech Bubble Panel Area.

The Nao of Brown creator Glyn Dillon will also be in Leeds, signing and sketching books, as will Mark Stafford and David Hine, the creators behind The Man Who Laughs. Both The Nao of Brown and The Man Who Laughs are shortlisted in the ‘Best Book’ category at the British Comic Awards. Winners will be announced at a party on Saturday night. Good luck to them!

For information about everything else that’s happening at Thought Bubble this weekend, visit the festival’s website.