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Room for Love


Hardback, 128 pp, $22.95

"Romance is dead." So says Pamela Green, middle-class and middle-aged – a romance novelist suffering from writer's block. Then, on a bridge crossing over the river, her unsettled life collides with that of a ragged young man. He's survived for months on London's streets by his wits… and his looks. Under extraordinary circumstances, Pamela invites him into her comfortable suburban home. There, in spite of obvious differences, they soon come to form an unlikely partnership, their once separate lives revived in stark new directions...

An intense hothouse drama, fierce, true to life, Room for Love is an original graphic novel unafraid to play with fire.


ILYA is a comic book writer and artist whose work has been published by Marvel, DC and Dark Horse in the US, Kodansha in Japan and numerous independent companies worldwide. His previous books include the Manga Drawing Kit, the award-winning graphic novel series The End of the Century Club and the kitchen sink drama Skidmarks. His illustration clients have included the BBC, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Times and Guardian newspapers and most recently East End Life, for whom he crafts a regular strip. ILYA edits the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga series. His first prose novel, The Clay Dreaming, is published by Myriad Editions.


"It has an energy and drive and appetite that helps you keep reading."
— The Herald
"A book to come back to again and again."
— Digital Spy