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Catel Muller

Catel Muller is an award-winning comics artist and illustrator. With Christian De Metter, she co-authored Le Sang des Valentines, which won the People's Choice First Prize at Angoulême in 2005. She is also the creator of Lucie (with Véronique Grisseaux) and the illustrator of Marion, a children's comic written by Fanny Joly. Heroines, both great and small, are a constant feature of her books, whose subjects have included the singer Édith Piaf, actors Mireille Balin and Mylène Demongeot and the writer Benoîte Groult. With José-Louis Bocquet, she created the acclaimed graphic biographies Kiki de Montparnasse, Olympe de Gouges and Josephine Baker.