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Chantal Montellier

Chantal Montellier is one of France's leading Bande Dessinée artists. A painter and teacher who abandoned her career in the fine arts to become a cartoonist and illustrator, Chantal Montellier's work has appeared in a range of leading French newspapers and magazines including Le Monde, L'Humanité, France Nouvelle and L'Unité. She has written several very successful graphic novels, most recently Tchernobyl, Mon Amour and Sorcières Mes Soeurs (Actes Sud). She takes pride in her capacity to challenge people, and some of her work is very explicit. Her exhibitions include shows at the Beaubourg (Paris) and a retrospective at the Centre National de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image (Angoulême). Her work has been featured on national and international radio and television. Chantal Montellier lives and works in France.