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The Trial of Roger Casement

By Fionnuala Doran

Paperback with flaps, 120 pp, $19.95

In 1911, Roger Casement was knighted by King George V for his groundbreaking humanitarian work in Africa and South America. Five years later, he was hanged for treason. The Trial of Roger Casement charts the events that led a man renowned for his compassion to the noose.

Based on real events, Fionnuala Doran's absorbing graphic novel explores Casement's startling downfall, from his efforts to secure German backing for an independent Ireland to his disastrous return home and subsequent arrest. Condemned as a revolutionary, his sexuality laid bare by the circulation of his private journals, Casement's fate was all but sealed. And yet, on his final day in the courtroom, he delivered a brave, impassioned speech that would resonate long after his death.

Fionnuala Doran

Fionnuala Doran is an Irish artist living and working between Scotland and England. She graduated with an MA in visual communication from the Royal College of Art in 2015 and is senior lecturer of Teesside University's newly launched BA in comics, graphic novels and sequential art. Winner of the 2014 Comics Unmasked competition at the British Library, she has worked between fine art and comics, acting as a director of Catalyst Arts, Belfast's foremost artist-led gallery and as co‑editor of Modern Times, Britain's first magazine of graphic journalism since the 19th century. She has participated in residencies with the Banff Centre in Canada, the European Exchange Academy in Turkey and the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. She came down with a bad case of comic fever in 1990 and has never recovered.


"Told at a barrelling pace in a narrative that jumps back and forth through the last five years of Casement's life, this is a portrait that really gets under its protagonist's skin and presents a complex and modern figure."
— Irish Examiner