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The Motherless Oven

By Rob Davis

Paperback, 160 pp, $19.95

In Scarper Lee's world, parents don't make children – children make parents. Scarper's father is his pride and joy, a wind-powered brass construction with a billowing sail. His mother is a Bakelite hairdryer. In this world, it rains knives and household appliances have souls. There are no birthdays – only deathdays. Scarper knows he has just three weeks to live. As his deathday approaches, he is forced from his routine and strikes out into the unknown – where friendships are tested and authority challenged. This unsettling and fiercely original coming of age story from Rob Davis (The Complete Don Quixote) traces a journey through a bizarre, distorted teenage landscape: a world not so different from our own.

Best Book, British Comic Awards 2015

Rob Davis

Rob Davis is the Eisner-nominated creator of The Motherless Oven, The Can Opener’s Daughter and The Book of Forks series for SelfMadeHero, where he has also illustrated the critically acclaimed graphic adaptation of Cervantes' The Complete Don Quixote.

He has written and drawn Judge Dredd for 2000AD, and on the Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures for Panini. Outside of graphic novels, Rob works as an illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers including The Guardian.

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"Brimming with invention, Davis subverts and deepens the school adventure yarn and asks if anyone can escape their fate."
— The Independent
"You're drawn in by its strange world and you come to care about its characters, and both are so vivid that the result is an outstanding piece of work."
— SFX Magazine
"A graphic novel of incredible resonance and absolute, inscrutable beauty, at once a coming-of-age and coming-to-terms tale."
— Library Journal