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By Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal

Hardback, 64 pp, £14.99

Robot is comprised of graphic adaptations of two robot-themed tales from Stanisław Lem’s Mortal Engines.  

Danusia Schejbal adapts "Uranium Earpieces", in which a paranoid king forces his subjects to wear suits of glowing uranium alloy. Can the young inventor, Pyron, find a way to free the people from this evil tyrant?

Andrzej Klimowski tackles "The Sanatorium of Dr. Vliperdius". which is set in a world increasingly populated by robots. Our hero visits Dr. Vliperdius’ institution, but its patients soon turn against him. Can he escape after learning the facility’s dark secret?

Danusia Schejbal

Danusia Schejbal was born in London. After studying fashion and textiles at the Ealing School of Art, she gained a postgraduate degree in stage design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She worked for major theatres in Poland before returning to the UK and designing for The Cherub Company. Since then, she has worked as a painter, exhibiting in the UK and Europe. She has collaborated with Andrzej Klimowski on the graphic novels Robot, The Master and Margarita, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Behind the Curtain.

Andrzej Klimowski

Andrzej Klimowski studied at St Martin's School of Art in London and at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He has designed posters for theatres and film distributors in Poland, and book covers and illustrations for publishers in the UK. He is the author (with Danusia Schejbal) of Behind the Curtain, The Master and Margarita, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Robot. His own graphic novels include The Depository, The Secret and Horace Dorlan. Klimowski is Emeritus Professor at the Royal College of Art.


"Klimowski's mastery of wordless sequences is evident...while Schejbal's use of subtle touches of colour... add a haunting layer of meaning to the uniform grey of the robots"
— Creative Review
"Looking like the bastard child of the Tin Man and a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting... Schejbal's very human robot, takes centre stage in one of the two Lem stories which make up the new graphic novel. Their witty and warm, 'Uranium Earpieces' is balanced by the wonderfully surreal 'Sanatorium of Dr Vliperdius'"
— Time Out