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Mozart in Paris

By Frantz Duchazeau

Paperback, 96 pp, $24.99

Paris, April 1778. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives in the French capital from Salzburg. Paris promises to liberate the 22-year-old from the suffocating grip of his father, and from a city that is unable to accommodate his genius. But there is no grand entrance for the former child prodigy. More comfortable with music than with the intricacies and machinations of Parisian high society, Mozart struggles to find a place for his spontaneity and talent. Drawing on both correspondence and flights of fancy, Frantz Duchazeau's Mozart in Paris shows a prolific, sublime musician butting up against barriers of indifference, tradition and disapproval.

Frantz Duchazeau

Frantz Duchazeau was born in Angoulême, France, and settled in Paris in 1993. He began his career in the early 1990s working for the French Disney magazine Le Journal de Mickey. He also contributed numerous short stories and a series to the European comics magazine Spirou. He is the author of numerous graphic novels.