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Buñuel: In the Labyrinth of the Turtles

By Fermín Solís

Translated by Lawrence Schimel

Paperback with flaps, 120 pp, $22.99

Buñuel: In the Labyrinth of the Turtles depicts a decisive moment in the life of the great Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel: the moment when he doubted surrealism and contemplated embracing a more social type of cinema. At this crucial turning point in his career, he wanted to change the world by showing the hidden heart of reality.

Buñuel was deeply affected by the harshness of Las Hurdes and the extreme misery of the people who lived in this remote region, so with his friend, the movie producer Ramón Acín, he began work on the pseudo-documentary Land Without Bread. But in the mind of the great surrealist, reality inevitably clashed with dreams and childhood memories, threatening both the film and his friendship with Acín. It was at this moment that the Buñuel of the future was born.

Fermín Solís

Fermín Solís is a renowned Spanish cartoonist, animator and illustrator, who alternates between working as a comic book artist, a textbook illustrator and a children’s book creator. His books have been published by leading independent publishers in the United States, Canada and France, and he has been nominated for the Comic de Barcelona, INJUVE and the National Comic Award.


"A probing exploration of the complexities of making art, a fascinating look at the life of an iconic filmmaker, and a beautiful book where the line between waking life and dreams is playfully blurred."
— Thrillist
"Buñuel: The Labyrinth of The Turtles illuminates an artist’s life in the spirit of their work."
— Slings & Arrows
"A fine rendering of artistic creation and human weirdness, a great 120-page ramble through dirt and dreams."
— Buzz Mag
"This is more than just a standard-issue comics biography of the Spanish surrealist Luis Buñuel. It captures the filmmaker at a moment of crisis, when he almost embraces social realism and abandons his dreamy style, only to discover his unique art."
— The New York Times