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Aama, Vol. 3: The Desert of Mirrors

By Frederik Peeters

Translated by Edward Gauvin

Hardback, 88 pp, $19.95

A mute child. A harrowing journey. A race for answers.

On the fantastical, rapidly evolving world of Ona(ji), Verloc Nim and his companions are heading to the release point of the biotech experiment Aama, a project that now appears to be frighteningly out of control. Faced with an increasingly desperate fight for survival in an ever-changing landscape, the expedition teeters on the brink of collapse. The Desert of Mirrors, the third volume of Frederik Peeters' award-winning series, draws us deeper into a complex and unsettling future where creation and loss go hand in hand. As moments of self-reflection and revelation bleed into a vivid reality bordering on madness, the search for Aama continues to raise questions – about the new life around them, about the Muy-Tang Corporation… and about Verloc's own family.

Frederik Peeters

Frederik Peeters is an award-winning Swiss comic book artist best known for his autobiographical graphic novel Blue Pills. He has received five nominations in the Best Book category at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. In 2013, he won the Best Series prize at the same event for the first two volumes of his science fiction series Aama. Peeters is also the author of Pachyderme, Sandcastle (with Pierre-Oscar Lévy) and The Smell of Starving Boys


"Aama continues to be one of the best series out there… Peeters' art is seductive and exciting as ever, vibrantly coloured with a wonderful use of flow between different colour centres."
— The Quietus
"The illustrations are rich and detailed, and I got totally sucked into the story, both of Verloc's past and his mysterious present."
— GeekDad