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The Motherless Oven

ISBN: 9781906838812
Available: October 2014
Binding: PB(f)
RRP: $19.95/$21.95
Size: 240x170
Extent: 160
Colour: B&W
Author: Rob Davis

“ The Weather Clock said knife o'clock, so I chained Dad up in the shed ”

In Scarper Lee's world, parents don't make children— children make parents. Scarper's father is a wind-powered brass construction whilst his mother is a bakelite hairdryer. It's also a world without birthdays, only deathdays, and Scarper's deathday is fast approaching. With just three weeks left to live, Scarper is forced from his routine and strikes out into the unknown—where relationships are tested and authority challenged. An edgy and surreal fantasy from internationally acclaimed writer/artist, Rob Davis, Eisner-nominated for The Complete Don Quixote.

A graphic novel of incredible resonance and absolute, inscrutable beauty

Thomas L. Batten - Library Journal