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We Wont See Auschwitz

ISBN: 9781906838638
Available: September 2013
Binding: PB
RRP: $22.95/$25.95
Size: 240x170
Extent: 208
Colour: black and white
Author: Jeremie Dres
Translator: Edward Gauvin

“ A journey through Poland to discover what it means to be Jewish ”

When his grandmother dies, Jérémie and his elder brother wanted to learn more about their family's Polish roots. But Jérémie is less interested in finding out about how the Holocaust affected his family, and more interested in understanding what it means to be Jewish and Polish today. They decide not to do the Holocaust trail... they won't see Auschwitz. Through their journey, they discover a country that is still affected by its past. The brothers talk to lots of people, including progressive rabbis and young Jewish Orthodox artists. Using their grandmother's stories, they piece together the threads of their family history.

A gorgeous work of graphic nonfiction

Nancy Powell - Shelf Awareness