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"What a fantastic adaptation this is, from Edginton and Culbard, of one of master detective’s best-known adventures. I would actually have to say I prefer this to the original text by some distance. Edginton’s tight adaptation of the witty verbal interplay between the characters is a joy to read, particular when combined with Culbard’s vivid and luminous artwork, from the assiduously patterned flock wallpaper in Holmes’ study to the imposing facades of Victorian London...


The highest possible compliment I can give is that I’m quite sure Conan Doyle would be absolutely delighted with how his creations have been brought to life once again in this work, and remain as relevant, engaging and entertaining over one hundred and thirty years from when he first imagined them. The only logical conclusion once all others have been eliminated my dear reader, is that you should buy this book."
— Page 45, Nottingham (August 2009)


"Edginton's script is much closer to Conan Doyle's original than most adaptations... Culbard's energetic layouts and darkly sinister backgrounds are effective. Hound gives modern readers a taste of what makes Sherlock Holmes an immortal character."
Publisher's Weekly (September 2009)


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“What is the meaning of it all, Holmes?”

A gnarled walking-stick; a missing boot; a neglected family portrait; a convicted killer on the loose; and the ancestral curse of a phantom Hound… The great detective Sherlock Holmes needs all his powers of “elementary” deduction–as well as the staunch support of his devoted friend Dr. Watson–to solve the terrifying mystery of his most famous case.

“It is murder, Watson…”

In The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902), written exactly midway through his career, Conan Doyle resurrected his great “specialist in crime”–and dramatized a lifetime’s obsession with the supernatural. Joining him in the ancient and treacherous landscape of the Devonshire Moors are a cast of gentleman scientists: as well as his faithful chronicler Dr. Watson, we meet another medic, Dr. Mortimer, a self-confessed “dabbler in science;” the lawyer Frankland, an amateur astronomer; and the Darwinian butterfly-collector Stapleton, whose mania for logical classification rivals Holmes’ own. But that is only half the story. For what can rational science do to help Sir Henry, the new incumbent of Baskerville Hall, escape the ancestral curse of the phantom Hound that has claimed his uncle’s life? Why are the servants behaving so strangely? And who is the mysterious figure glimpsed through Frankland’s telescope?

This atmospheric graphic novel adaptation by Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard–the team behind this series’ acclaimed Picture of Dorian Gray–will keep you guessing…



Series title:
Sherlock Holmes
Book title:
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Original author:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Adapted by:
Ian Edginton
Illustrated by:
I.N.J. Culbard

UK Publication date:
May 2009
165 x 241mm
Full Colour
Paperback w/flaps
Novels/ Literary