"It is always difficult to review an adaptation of another work... upon comparing the graphic novel with the original text, I was surprised to discover how much of the script was abridged, modified, or completely new – and the joins are seamless. I would imagine that if one cannot see where the original ends and the adaptation begins, then the writer can count that as a success."

"Culbard's bold, energetic cartooning also contributes to bringing the story to life, and I rather suspect that a more realistic approach would have made things seem flat and short of vitality."

"4 bullets out of 5"
– Comics Bulletin (August 2009) Read review


"I'm loving every single page of this graphic novel... the art is stunning and the way it is written is pure Sherlock Holmes"
– GeekSyndicate
(June, 2009)
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"a cool and fun read"


"Holmes is a dynamic presence... Watson is his own man. Culbard brings every character to life with his well placed brush strokes. Edginton does a beautiful job of reworking the prose novel’s many nuanced observations. ...a true comics adaptation of this famous murder mystery... a wonderful tribute to a book that was a Harry Potter sensation in its day."
– Newsarama (June 2009) Read blog



– Panel Borders & Reality Checks podcast (May 2009) Article link


"a classy, considered and faithful work that was a pleasure to read - pure unadulterated classic adventure."


with every memorable aspect of the Sherlock Holmes legend covered within. It’s obvious that Edginton and Culbard have put a great deal of love and attention into the tale and the first class production values from SelfMadeHero really make this a great adaptation."


"Edginton’s story sticks faithfully to the original, ignoring countless dilutions of the tale in movies and TV shows. This is the Holmes of the books, all genius and cunning, relishing the problems to be solved and enjoying the thrill of the chase. The scenes... are pitched perfectly and the dialogue feels just right. This is the Sherlock Holmes you always imagined when reading the books, this is the voice you always heard."
– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International blog (May 2009) Read blog


"tense, atmospheric, and intriguing... ever faithful to the dark mood which made it what Doyle himself called ‘a real creeper’. The artwork is outstanding and supported by an equally strong script...a great way to introduce The Hound of the Baskervilles to a new generation of readers, and bring an older generation back to one of the best detective stories ever written. First class."
– Rafe McGregor Renowned crime fiction author and reviewer for The Sherlock Holmes Journal and Tangled Web UK (May 2009) Read blog


"Holmes enthusiasts will be pleased and relieved by Edginton & Culbard’s back-to-basics approach, retaining the authentic tone and character of Conan Doyle’s original stories; hence no bumbling Doctor Watson nor deer stalker as added in later cinema and theatre versions."
– GOSH! Comic Blog (May 2009)


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