For our latest flagship graphic novel series, we've paired one of Britainís best loved writers, Ian Edginton, with one of the mediumís brightest artistic talents, I.N.J. Culbard. We plan to publish all four of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock adventures as full colour, 144 page graphic novels. And you'll be able to read news, reviews and win books here over the next two years.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote four great detective novels featuring Holmes and Watson and many more shorter stories, many of which were serialised in London's The Strand magazine. We've launched the series with The Hound of the Baskervilles in May 2009, to be followed by A Study in Scarlet in October. In 2010, we'll publish The Sign of Four in May and The Valley of Fear to complete the set.


SelfMadeHero feels a special connection to Sherlock as we are based in London's Upper Wimpole Street, where Conan Doyle lived and wrote when in London. If that weren't enough of a coincidence, our offices are just a few moments walk from 221B Baker Street! If you have a graphic novel, comics, Sherlock or crime writing blog or website, please feel free to download the media pack and use the images to spread the word.


We'll keep the events page here up to date but another great way to keep up to date with this and other SelfMadeHero graphic novels series is by following SelfMadeHero on Twitter or by joining the SelfMadeHero group on Facebook. Let us know what you think of Sherlock and what you are up to.


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