Guest Blog: ILYA on Room For Love (Part Two)

In the second in his series of blog posts about Room For Love, ILYA talks age-inappropriate relationships and the story behind the chance meeting between the book’s two central characters.


Age-inappropriate affairs have suddenly become something of a hot cultural potato just now – May to September romances, chalk eats cheese, Soho vs. Hampstead. I’m tuned in and turned on!

Check out, for instance, the trailer to a new film, Adore.

Big stars – Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, hubba hubba – although surely a heavily photoshopped poster, silly studios.

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A new revival of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth at London’s Old Vic Theatre only just ended its limited run. Kim Cattrall, uhh, hubba?

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While we’re linking hands across the ether, you might find it worth taking in an old romance strip of mine, from Fleetway’s long out of print Revolver Romance Special, uploaded and free to read online here.

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The circumstances of how Room For Love’s two central characters meet – an incident mistaken for an apparent suicide attempt off a bridge across the Thames (the Hungerford bridge at Embankment), is central to the story – almost literally – and based on something that actually happened to me.

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You’ll have to (purchase! and) read the book in order to see how this properly plays out, or at least how it did so in my imagination, some time after the original and true life incident. But I can tell you that in this instance I took the role that Pamela has in the story, witness to somebody clambering over the railings above the onrushing Thames. Every other passing London commuter appeared oblivious or else chose to wilfully ignore events, but I made to intervene. The person went over the side anyway.

There was no splash.

Curious, I would return to that spot time and again, and, finally, in the wee small hours after adventures in clubland, I followed suit, clambering over the railings and underneath the bridge. What I found there…well, read the book!

ILYA’s graphic novel, Room For Love, is available now from all good book shops. You can buy it online here (Amazon) and here (Waterstones).

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