New ‘Miller & Pynchon’ Tumblr

To coincide with the release of our English language edition of Leopold Maurer’s Miller & Pynchon, we’ll be teasing a page a day for the next 20 days on a dedicated Tumblr.

What begins with a seemingly achievable task such as drawing a line of demarcation becomes something far greater for our two comical heroes, Miller and Pynchon. They embark on a more ambitious task – accurately measuring the Transit of Venus, through which the distance between the Earth and the Sun is calculated. As the magnitude of this new task dawns on them, so too does a creeping sense of their own insignificance. With each new measurement, the pair become increasingly interested in the direction their lives are taking. While the melancholic Pynchon ponders the tragic death of his beloved wife, the more pragmatic Miller seems hell-bent on a course of escapism through sexual debauchery.

Grief, remorse, faith, farce, the opposite sex, children, talking crocodiles, cheese – the twenty enigmatic parables of Miller & Pynchon touch on all these topics and more. True men of science may find safety in numbers… but some things will always remain incalculable.

Follow the surprising adventures of our hapless heroes at, today and every day for the next 20 days!

Miller & Pynchon is available NOW from all good stockists.

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