NEWSFLASH: Lovecraft locations in full!

NEWSFLASH: The following comic stores have exclusive supplies of Lovecraftian art prints designed by Ade Salmon. SelfMadeHero has produced two rare editions of this (208mm x 146mm) print: the first pressing was made from an eldritch, iridescent pewter (best viewed by moonlight on the New England coast).

Sightings of the second even rarer “blood-red” print are starting to come in (see above) although they are so rare as to be thought mythical. Legend has it that these rosy, foil-blocked beauties were crafted by web-fingered artisans in their own shining blood.

What is more, both prints are available to you with our compliments… if you can find them! To secure an exclusive Ade Salmon print with your copy of The Lovecraft Anthology: volume II simply contact one of the following establishments (before their stocks are depleted):

Dave’s Comics – Brighton

Forbidden Planet Megastore – London

FPI – Glasgow, Belfast, Nottingham, Leeds

Gosh! Comics – London

Mega City Comics – London

Page 45 – Nottingham

Travelling Man – York, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester

World’s Apart – Liverpool

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