The Man Who Laughs

The cat is out of the bag! As Rich Johnston reported on Bleeding Cool over the weekend, one of the forthcoming titles in our Eye Classics series will be The Man Who Laughs, a comics adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel, which – as Rich puts so succinctly –  “inspired the 1928 film starring Conrad Veidt with a “grim carnival freak-like grin” that inspired the appearance of The Joker.”

Mark Stafford or “the greatest British working comic artist you haven’t heard of” according to Bleeding Cool is on illustration duty. While writing duties are in the hands of David Hine (DC, Image). David’s Strange Embrace, is in our ‘Top Ten British comics of all time’ and we’re delighted to see him collaborating with Mark following their work together on ‘The Colour Out of Space’ in The H.P. Lovecraft Anthology: volume I.

David and Mark will be creating this unique comics project for a good while yet, but we’ll be posting occasional updates here on how they are getting along and you might like to start following their blogs and tweets now, in case they let something slip in between!

David Hine Waiting for Trade (blog) and @hinedavid (Twitter)

Mark Stafford Hocus Baloney (blog)

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