Judith Vanistendael news

As we were finishing our preparations for the Angouleme Festival (incidentally the best comics festival in the world, other than Thought Bubble) we heard from Resonance FM’s Alex Fitch. Alex has posted a podcast based on a COMICA Festival interview that took place in London’s Bar Music Hall at the launch of SelfMadeHero creator, Judith Vanistendael. Judith’s interviewer was COMICA Festival Director, Paul Gravett.

Alex’s podcast has an introduction from Sarah Lightman and has been released as the latest in a series of ‘Ladeez do Podcasts’. You can listen to it here.

But there is more good news for Vanistendael-fans (if you are not already a fan… why aren’t you!?) Joe Gordon over the Forbidden Planet International blog flagged up that we’re publishing Judith’s next book, When David Lost His Voice translated by Nora Mahony. You can read Joe’s piece here.

But wait, in a final act of amazing-ness FPI are offering Dance By the Light of the Moon at 40% off for the next fourteen days. So you can buy it for the bargain price of £8.99 here.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of Judith’s UK appearances and signings in April and beyond!

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