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2011 was a busy year for SelfMadeHero – we published sixteen graphic novels and four giftbooks. Here are some of our highlights…

Le Morte D’Arthur

“All the excitement, romance and the adventure of the Arthurian legend can be found in these entertaining pages” Jerry Bruckheimer

Baby’s In Black

“Black and white graphics work to perfection…
Utterly engaging”

Chico & Rita

“Javier Mariscal is a multifaceted, uninhibited force of natural creativity. This Spanish phenomenon is somehow able to dance in the high-pressure orbits of graphics, architecture, design, furniture, movies and art without ever losing his playful exuberance. He’s not so much in his second childhood as still enjoying his first.”
Art Review

Kiki de Montparnassse

“She’s captivating, and her story will send you racing into the nearest art gallery in search of her image cast in bronze or worked in oil… graphic novel of the month”
The Observer


“one of Canada’s most gifted comics creators, working here at a new peak of his powers” Paul Gravett

The Lovecraft Anthology volume I

“FIVE STARS… MUST READ NOW!… While the stories themselves are short, the creative scale of the book as a whole is colossal, and filled to the brim with the passion of a huge team that have truly made this a book to put on your wish list. Roll on Vol 2”
Sci-Fi Now Magazine

The Valley of Fear

“The Valley Of Fear is quite simply the perfect ending to a perfect quartet of graphic novels that very simply distill everything that is so very good about Conan Doyle’s detective masterpiece. All four of these Sherlock Holmes volumes by Conan Doyle, Edginton and Culbard deserve a place on your bookshelf.”
Richard Bruton, The Forbidden Planet International blog


“It’s a match made in Hollywood heaven”
The Independent on Sunday

Black Paths

“French comics legend David Beauchard’s book follows Lauriano, a charismatic, disturbed young veteran who roams rooftops, fights for loot and sees the ghosts of his dead comrades wherever he goes…. The colourful panels look beautiful, and are reminiscent of Beauchard’s masterful ‘Epileptic’ in their vibrant savagery”
The Guardian


“Five stars. SFX Recommends. SelfMadeHero’s sumptuously bound hardcover graphic novel is nothing less than a treat… By turns touching, frightening and strangely believable, it’s a low-key SF gem with heart”
Jes Bickham, SFX Magazine

The Popeye Cookbook

“Popeye cookbook reveals Sailor Man’s healthy eating secrets”
The Guardian

“Great gifts for men”
The Daily Express

Pride & Prejudice

“a thoroughly entertaining read… it’s an accesible and enjoyable route in”
Andy Shaw, Grovel

Don Quixote volume I

“this retelling of the first half of Cervantes’s novel retains enough of its action and its digressions to feel coherent and complete. The exuberant drawings make clever use of colour, while in the foreground chubby Panza and rake-thin Quixote make a fine double act as they ride from beating to beating and farce to farce. At once mercilessly rendered – you’re under no illusion of the sufferings caused by Quixote’s mad crusade – and awash with sympathy and humour, Davis’s approachable graphic novel may modernise Cervantes’s dialogue, but it seems a thoroughly loyal adaptation, full of enthusiasm for stories and storytelling, and for that precious ‘place between reader and book … where Don Quixote tilts his lance’.”
The Guardian

Fish + Chocolate

“This trilogy… confirms Brown as a provocative and profound allegorist finding her mature voice and in total control of her precise compositions, colouring and narrative.”
Paul Gravett


“a black-and-white kaleidoscope of familiar and less-known events – the strikingly drawn drama of the sailing of Granma, the Marita Lorenz affair, the parting with Che and the Mariel exodus all made the final edit as Kleist tested the patience of his publisher by continuously asking to be given more pages”
The Morning Star

The Incal

“There are some names in comic books that are virtually unassailable. Jean Giraud – better known as Moebius – is one of them. he is not just a European comic book artist, he is European comic books, with a near monolithic influence that has shaped the direction of Continental – and, almost imperceptibly, British and American – comics for decades. The Incal is probably his most sustained and substantial piece of work, scripted by Alejandro Jodorowsky but bearing the unmistakable mark of Moebius insanity”
Michael Molcher, Comic Heroes Magazine

Stay tuned to find out what 2012 will bring…

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