The perfect Christmas present: Skullraisers!

Hellraisers artist JAKe has designed a funky piece of festive wrapping paper to accompany copies of Hellraisers bought at Thought Bubble Festival this weekend (while stocks last).

It’s just arrived at SMH HQ – hot off the press – and it looks great. We think that JAKe’s Day of the Dead-style ashtray-eyed flaming skulls are a cheery little motif, which will liven up any Christmas morning scene. Especially if the recipient has a traditional Christmas morning hangover.

Now, far be it from us to encourage you spend your hard earned money on quality graphic novels [ahem!] but we have two Christmas gift ideas for you:

1) Pick up a copy of Hellraisers at Thought Bubble signed by Roobert Sellers and sketched with a Hellraiser of your choice by JAKe. Then use your complimentary wrapping paper to wrap your sketched book for a loved one.


2) Pick up a sketched copy of Hellraisers at Thought Bubble and keep it for yourself (because you’re worth it!) then use your Hellraisers wrapping paper to cunningly wrap a bottle of whiskey as a thoughtful Christmas present.

And finally, don’t forget that we’re doing a ‘Hellraisers Live’ event this Sunday as part of Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. We’ll be in the Bury Theatre 12-12.45. JAKe will be drawing (and giving away) huge portraits of each of the Hellraisers while Robert Sellers regales us all with the foursome’s finest drinking stories.

If you can’t make it to Thought Bubble, then you can reserve sketched copies of Hellraisers with wrapping paper (while stocks last) at the following stores:

Mega City Comics – Camden

Gosh! Comics – Soho

Forbidden Planet – Glasgow

OK Comics – Leeds

Dave’s Comics – Brighton

The Forbidden Planet Megastore – Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Happy soused Christmas, one and all!

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