Alice Duke: Dagon sketches

Earlier this year we published The Lovecraft Anthology: volume I, edited by Dan Lockwood. With so many contributors we didn’t get round to giving you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of every story. So, for your viewing pleasure, we’d like to share with you a little of the preparatory work that Alice Duke produced as she created a water-y world for Dan Lockwood’s adaptation of Lovecraft tale, Dagon.

All the images link through to larger versions. Thanks to Alice for sharing, keep an eye on her blog for what she’s up to next.

Been working on some landscape/environment sketches and thought I might share some of the process here.
OK – so, this first sketch was constructed from the image at the top (which is from Dagon – what better way to keep the same mood/colours than to work from the same source?). It’s just been rotated, duplicated, different layers set to darken, stretched – generally abused.
Needed more light, so I added in some duplicate dodge layers. Getting a bit murky…
On another layer I’ve drawn a rough layout of the environmental elements needed in there. The background has just been faded out a little so it’s not too distracting.
Rendering time.
Landscaping – more of the same
Mostly just directing the focus and highlighting shapes – but it makes a big difference.
Dream panel for ‘Dagon’
Just chillin’
What a hunk!
The book is available now! It’s pretty good.

The Lovecraft Anthology: volume I is available to buy from all good bookshops, comic shops and online.

The Lovecraft Anthology: vol II will be published in Spring 2012. You can find out the latest information about it here.

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