Who won the Castro original art competition?

[drum roll] Congratulations go to…

Nick Hilditch, winner of the beautiful painted portrait of Fidel Castro by Reinhard Kleist. Nick was our seventh entrant, chosen fair and square by Random.org (see below):

We had an amazing response to the competition and we’d like to thank everyone who entered. This is what you could have won…

Detail from Red Castro by Reinhard Kleist

You don’t have to enter a competition to be a fan of SelfMadeHero on Facebook, but it helps!

And if you didn’t win, but would still like a sketch by Reinhard Kleist then here’s what to do:

1) Visit your local Forbidden Planet, Travelling Man, Gosh! or Mega City Comics

2) Ask to see their signed stock of Castro by Reinhard Kleist

2a) If the shopkeep has sold out (or you are visiting a shop other than those listed above)… just ask them politely (but firmly) to order more signed stock from Turnaround ; )

3) Check the title page of each signed copy – 1 in 5 of the signed copies has a Castro sketch by Reinhard in it.

4) Proceed smugly to the cashier with your signed and sketched copy

5) Collect your free, limited edition Castro art print (see below)

Detail from the limited edition Castro print, which is included with signed first editions at selected stores nationwide

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