‘SelfMadeHero presents…’ at Latitude Festival

Better late than never, right? Exactly. We had a ball at Latitude Festival this year, where we put on two fun “SelfMadeHero presents…” events on the Literary Stage. Latitude is a brilliant multi-arts festival, which is held on the Henham Estate in Suffolk each year (if you’ve never heard of it before). They have comedy, music, literature, comics, dance, theatre, coloured sheep.

Before you ‘ask, yes it did rain’ and ‘no, we didn’t care’. See..

DJ Emma-nem in the rain

The first event was on Saturday night: SelfMadeHero presents Johnny Cash, where DJ Emma-nem (SMH’s very own Emma Hayley) played a Johnny Cash set while we filled the stage with a projection of the HD animated edition of Johnny Cash – I see a darkness. You can get hold of a hardcopy of our Johnny Cash biog here, while stocks last.

No (decent!) pictures survive of the dancing and drunken singalong that ensued at the ‘Cash’ event, but it was glorious.

The following night, Hellraisers creators Robert Sellers and jAKE took to the stage to entertain the crowd with a special preview event for their forthcoming graphic biography. Robert, who used to be a stand up comedian, pulled out his best anecdotes about Richard Harris, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed as jAKE frantically drew enormous portraits of the famous boozers. In a fit of generosity (or maybe it was pique! I can’t remember) we gave the portraits away to lucky people from the audience. If you come to one of our Hellraisers events later this year, you may get given a portrait too.

Hellraising in action

jAKE draws Oli Reed

jAKE draws Oli Reed

Hellraisers isn’t out until October, but keep your eyes peeled for special Hellraisers events in October and November, including a special event at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival on Saturday 19th November and most likely one in London in late October.

We’ll see you next year’s Latitude with some extra special comic-y treats and previews.

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