SelfMadeHero at Latitude

We are now allowed (and delighted) to inform you that SelfMadeHero will be doing two  fun graphic novel events at Festival Republic’s ace Latitude Festival 2011. We have prepped two exclusive, late night treats for the Literary Stage.

On Friday night, just after midnight, we’re closing the show with an animated version of our bestselling graphic biography Johnny Cash – I see a darkness by Reinhard Kleist on the big screen complete with a Folsom-inspired set provided by DJ Emmanem.

On Saturday night, ’round midnight, we take over the stage from Jake and Dinos Chapman, who’re also doing something comics-related (I could tell you what, but then I’d have to kill you). We’re putting on a super exclusive preview from our forthcoming graphic biography, Hellraisers. Author Robert Sellers (a former stand up comedian, dontchaknow) will be telling a selection of the juiciest anecdotes from the lives of Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris, Richard Burton and Oliver Reed while illustrator JAKe draws enormous portraits of each of the great boozers *live* on stage.

No pressure JAKe!

So, if you are coming to Latitude, come and show us some support or drunkenly heckle from the back row – as you wish!

> Reinhard Kleist’s Johnny Cash – I see a darkness is available to buy now

Castro – a graphic biography by Reinhard Kleist is published by SelfMadeHero on 4th July 2011 and is available in print and digital editions.

Hellraisers – a graphic biography will be published by SelfMadeHero on 30th October 2011

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