The Lovecraft Anthology: Volume I – Exclusive

Dear Lovecraft fans,

We have some exciting news! Someone said something lovely about The Lovecraft Anthology:

An admirable, non-fawning homage to Lovecraft’s extraordinary oeuvre – vivid, variegated and, where appropriate, vile.
China Miéville

We really appreciate the praise and we hope you all enjoy the book as much as China did. But that wasn’t all we wanted to tell you! We wanted to let you know about our extra special plans to celebrate the launch of The Lovecraft Anthology: Volume I. We have TWO launch events : one in Bristol (scroll down to the event information) and one in London (get a ticket while you still can).

In fact, there was something else we thought you might be interested in too…

The wonderful I.N.J. Culbard has designed an extremely special, limited edition foil-blocked bookplate for Lovecraft-reading SelfMadeHeroes (see below). The observant among you may have noticed that the squid-like creature has nine legs, not eight. If any Lovecraftians among you would like to explain why in the comments, then we will send you a bookplate-shaped prize (the most creative, not the first, will win):

The plate is roughly A5 in size and is foiled using a traditional letterpress technique. The wotsist in the middle is the actual printing stamp that was used to produce the bookplate (it is not a medal from the R’Lyeh Olympic Games). By the time you next see the gold bookplates, they will be adorned with all (or possibly just short of all) of the signatures of the contributors to the anthology.

You may be wondering why one bookplate is gold and one is greeny-blue. Well, at the excellent suggestion of a Mr Ian Edginton (Birmingham), we produced an exclusive bookplate (the green one) and a VIP version (the gold one) for Cthulhu’s homeboys, if you will.

There are exactly 100 gold bookplates in existence. These will be available with our compliments with copies of the Lovecraft Anthology bought at Bristol Comic Con in May – not before and (not after). They will be signed by all (or as near as we can get to all) of the contributors to the anthology.

The beautiful, limited edition green bookplate will be available unsigned so that it can be framed or signed as you choose. It will be available first at Kapow! this weekend, then at the London Lovecraft launch on Friday 15th April and then at any friendly local bookseller or comic shop nationwide that contacts us while our limited stock lasts.

If you are buying your bookplated edition from a shop, then it shouldn’t cost you any more than the RRP on the back of the book. These limited edition bookplates won’t be around for long, so get them while they’re hot!

We’ll post a list of participating comic shops and booksellers where you can pick up a bookplated edition as soon as we’ve got that together.

If you are an inide book or comic seller who would like to stock our bookplated editions, please just drop us a line and we are always pleased to support you however we can.

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