Le Morte D’Arthur – has arrived!

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Le Morte D’Arthur from SelfMadeHero on Vimeo.

The first part of the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, of Merlin, Camelot and the Quest for the Holy Grail is brought to life in this visually stunning graphic novel adapted by John Mathews and illustrated by Will Sweeney.

In this faithful reworking of the fifteenth-century chivalric epic, Sir Thomas Malory introduces the young Arthur, charting his ascent to the throne and how he gathered his fabled Knights of the Round Table. Aided by the mysterious and wise Merlin, Arthur must unite the kingdoms of Britain under his banner as he strives to fulfil his destiny and become king.

John Matthews script retains the beauty of Malory’s prose and complements Will Sweeney’s engaging and dynamic illustration, providing a perfect introduction to one of the most complex and exciting works of English literature.

This trailer was produced by N I S T A R New Media and features music by Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

Buy: http://bit.ly/taulurd
Press Release: http://selfmadehero/LMDA_PR

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