SelfMadeHero officially (MTV) Rocks!

Looky, looky. Andrew at Gosh! isn’t the only person looking forward to reading our forthcoming graphic novel Baby’s In Black by Arne Bellstorf. Oh, no. If you catch the new series of Alexa Chung’s MTV show ‘GONZO’ anytime this week (you’ll all do that, right? Great.) then you’ll see the indie trendsetter herself imploring you to get yourself a copy. A full schedule of when you can see the show is at the end of this post.

If MTV just isn’t your thing, then we’ll have the author himself, Arne Bellstorf, in Glasgow for an event, signing and party in Glasgow on 15th March (details to follow) and for more of the same in London on 16th/17th March (details to follow). So if want to meet Arne, we’ll be telling you how next week on the blog.

If you fancy getting a signed copy – always highly recommended – then keep an eye on the SelfMadeHero blog for details of the retailers who will carry signed (and the occasionally ‘signed & sketched’) first editions.

Friday 7pm   MTV MUSIC

Friday 8pm   MTV ROCKS

Saturday 1pm   MTV ROCKS

Sunday 7pm   MTV ROCKS

Sunday 9pm   MTV MUSIC

Monday 12am   MTV ROCKS

Tuesday 10pm   MTV MUSIC

Tuesday 12pm   MTV ROCKS

Wednesday 7pm   MTV ROCKS

If you prefer to do your shopping online, then you can order a copy of Baby’s In Black from the SelfMadeHero online store.

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