Martin Rowson wins Political Cartoonist of the Year 2010!

We’re delighted to announce that Martin Rowson, author of the graphic novel The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman has won the Political Cartoon Society’s “Political Cartoonist of the Year” award. The Jury’s citation reads as follows:

In a year in which our top cartoonists and previous winners of The Low Trophy continued to excel, the Society’s Jury has decided to recognise a cartoonist whose work combines the art and wit of his peers with a distinctively visceral and relentlessly satirical view of society. His is a view suffused with Hogarthian gusto and visual invention, rich in literary and artistic allusions, aggressively grotesque and revelling in comic detail. His work portrays the dark underbelly of a world populated by pinstriped fat-cats, rabid demagogues, demented snowmen and other crazed monsters of modern capitalism, set amidst the detritus of consumer society.

This year he has vented his spleen to great effect on the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry, bankers and climate change, amongst other major issues; and, in the opinion of the Jury, his treatment of the Recession and of the Coalition Government has created some of the most scathing and telling critiques of the current state of the nation. Particularly memorable amongst his comic creations has been the double act of Prime Minister Cameron as Little Lord Fauntleroy and Nick Clegg as Pinocchio. Our winner is a worthy successor to Hogarth and Swift and the unbridled satire of 18th-century Britain.

Well done Martin!

This is a video of Martin Rowson illustrating an exclusive Ex Libris plate for SelfMadeHero with an interview conducted by Alex Fitch for Resonance FM at the launch party:

Tristram Shandy – the graphic novel from SelfMadeHero on Vimeo

You can buy our deluxe, hardback edition of Martin Rowson’s Tristram Shandy from SelfMadeHero here for the unbelievable price of just £13.

Enjoy and spread the word!

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