Inking GONZO

When SelfMadeHero commissioned Will Bingley and Anthony Hope-Smith to produce a graphic novel biography of Hunter S. Thompson, we didn’t realise that so many people had drawn Hunter S. Thompson before.

We were, of course, huge fans of Ralph Steadman’s illustrations for Hunter’s work but we didn’t know about the Hunter fans who’d had special GONZO symbols drawn on themselves. Then Casey, a friend of SelfMadeHero, emailed us with a picture of his tat.

Thank you Casey for all your help with the book!

And at the Forbidden Planet Megastore signing we were shown some love…

A Hunter fan bares all for Will and Anthony at the Forbidden Planet Megastore

And some of our new followers of Twitter got their Hunter tatts out:

Don't_Ask_Alice is in the Gonzo Arm-y

But then, that’s been the case since we started publishing Moomins:

This is Gazpachodragon's Moomin ink. She thinks that Moominmamma might have a cheeky tattoo under her apron. We couldn't possibly comment!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, you can enjoy the visual feast of GONZO tattoos available here, here or indeed here.

Our favourite tattoo so far is this little number:

This is an anonymous, moded GONZO symbol. We like the green peyote in the fist and the hunting knife blade.

If tattooing isn’t your favourite form of inking, then perhaps you’ll be impressed with Anthony Hope-Smith’s inking efforts in the pages of GONZO. All 177 pages were hand-inked don’t you know. GONZO is available to buy (with delivery) here or from all discerning comic shops and booksellers.

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