Cats win comics!

Tessio is unimpressed with our new "14-in-1" Manga Shakespeare iPad (with Apple for approval over Christmas)

We are big feline fans here at SelfMadeHero. We adore the adventures of Blacksad (Dargaud); we love the Devil’s mischievous cat, Behemoth, in Bulgakov’s The Master & Margarita (graphic novel by SelfMadeHero) and we can’t see the funny side of Alice M. Brock’s tongue-in-cheek classic How to Massage Your Cat (Chronicle).

There is a reason why we’re such fans of cats here at SelfMadeHero – Tessio and Clemenza. Tessio & Clemenza are two grey brothers who keep the four-legged foodchain in check at HQ. That said, they make time to pose in front of the graphic novels, play with string, eat and sleep.

Tessio (right) guards advance copies of 'Kiki de Montparnasse' and 'Baby's In Black', next up in SelfMadeHero's graphic biography line. Clemenza (left) is interested in a piece of string.

We thought we’d post a couple of photos of our favourite house cats as we’re were getting a little tired of the lovely people over at Jonathan Cape posting pictures of their “Cape Kittens“.

We have the biggest, green-eyed cats in the business and you should know that Cape-ettes!

A challenge to the "Cape kittens" from Tessio!

If you’ve enjoyed looking at the most hirsute members of SelfMadeHero’s publicity team and you’d like to win a SelfMadeHero graphic novel of your choice, then just post a picture of your cat sitting on or near your favourite graphic novel or comic to our Facebook wall and we’ll pick our favourite on Christmas Day.

So, there you go – you’ve got until Friday to win yourself a graphic novel of your choice. This is our Facebook Page where you can post your picture:

SelfMadeHero artists and writers are allowed to enter, but there will be no favouritism!

The judges’ decision is feline. Sorry, we mean – final.

Happy Christmas from all of us at SelfMadeHero!

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  2. Anne says:

    Sorry to be dense – do you just want us to post the photos on your wall? Thanks!