In case you missed it…

Languishing behind The Times paywall is a nice selection of graphic novel recommendations for Christmas 2010. Well, we have to admit that what we’re about to do is probably immoral and illegal but we hope The Times won’t mind too much. [ahem]

The wonderful novelist Neel Mukherjee recommends Catherine Anyango’s Heart of Darkness. Let us not forget that the equally wonderful novelist Michel Faber chose Heart of Darkness for review in the pages of the Guardian back in August. Then there was the magnificent journalist and author, Rachel Cooke, who made Heart of Darkness The Observer’s ‘Graphic Novel of the Month’, noting that:

Plaudits must go to both adaptor and illustrator. David Zane Mairowitz… makes good, minimalist use of Marlow’s haunting first-person narration.

Anyango, meanwhile, has brought to life Conrad’s nightmare journey far more successfully than the movie-makers who came before her; I’m certain that in the future, I will think of Heart of Darkness, and see only her drawings.

Every page is both extraordinary, and extraordinarily beautiful, and I urge you to go out and buy it, whether you’ve read Conrad or not.

We heart Rachel Cooke! But… what did The Times make of Heart of Darkness?

“it is the sensational artwork by Anyango that makes the book”

“…in the crepuscular gloom of her heavy pencil drawings, a pall of grey and sepia with contrasts of black, she catches something potent about the sick heart of colonialism and also about the resilient and unforgiving landscape in which the drama of the impossibility of human redemption unfurls. It is not Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, not quite, nevertheless the visual content is so painstakingly executed, so beautiful, that the pages look as if they’ve strayed in from the world of painting.”

Not bad, eh? So what are you waiting for!

Heart of Darkness is available for delivery from the SelfMadeHero online store and, as always, the most discerning independents stock it. These shops include Dave’s Comics (Brighton), Mondo Comico (Nottingham), Travelling Man (Leeds and Manchester), Mega City Comics (London), Gosh! (London),  the Forbidden Planets and Forbidden Planet Internationals nationwide.


If you are an independent retailer who would like to take some signed stock of Heart of Darkness to sell to your loyal customers… just drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

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