Wrappers’ Delight


How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker had got for Christmas? Did he feel Luke's presents? No! It was the wrapping paper that gave it away.

Christmas is almost upon us and SelfMadeHero are planning to go out with a bang! On the second of December we’re publishing GONZO, a graphic biography of Hunter S. Thompson by Will Bingley and Anthony Hope-Smith. To make GONZO the perfect present for the Hunter S. Thompson fan in your life we’ve given some comic shops a little something extra to make it a truly outstanding gift.

For release on 2nd December, the following retailers have a limited supply of double signed GONZOs complete with exclusive sheets of GONZO wrapping paper adorned with illustrations of typewriters, whiskey bottles, cigarettes and massive bags of err… asprin!?

LEGAL NOTICE : medicine makes you better, drugs make you sick.

Dave’s Comics – Brighton (mail order from Dave’s)

Forbidden Planet Megastore – London (you can pre-order, the first live signing is this Saturday! FP have some extra wrapping paper so you may able to order copies with wrapping paper via your local store.

GOSH! – London (not one to be outdone, you can also get a GOSH! exclusive bookplate edition on request)

OK Comics – Leeds (pre-ordering advisable!)

Orbital Comics  – London (available in store)

London Print Studio – London (the launch venue, where you can also see original artwork from GONZO)

Mega City Comics – London (if you live in North London and can’t bear to go into the centre)

Rough Trade East – London (you can pick up our Johnny Cash biog here too! This is their site.)

Travelling Man – Leeds (where you’ll find lots of our best books, often signed. This is their site.)

If comic shops just aren’t your thing, then why not buy a copy from Waterstone’s or Amazon. Sadly the signed copies and wrapping paper is only available at the above stores while stocks last.

[POLITE NOTICE : if you are an independent comic store (not listed above) and would like to work with us, just email us, we’re more than happy to help you do something special.]

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