Guest blogger: Anthony Hope-Smith –Prepping GONZO

Hello once again! In this post I will share with you some miscellaneous bits and pieces of Gonzo art.

When preparing to work with the likeness of a real person I decided to spend some time practicing my approach to drawing them. To begin with I worked directly over photos of Hunter on a lightbox in order to really familiarize myself with his features. Then I switched over to copying photos of him without the lightbox. Here are some of the better examples; can you tell which is which?  Once I started on the actual pages I found the best way forward was to filter what I had learned with these exercises, through my own style so that the finished pages didn’t jar.

In the course of a large project like this there were inevitably different permutations and drafts of the script. This meant that there some pages no longer fitted into the ever-changing narrative, such as this one, which was sacrificed for the benefit of the sequence it came from.

The esteemed Paul Gravett was kind enough to request materials from Bingley and myself for his That’s Novel exhibition at the London Print Studio.

original artwork on display at That's Novel at the London Print Studio until December 18th

This is a Hunter themed wallpaper that I created for the pages of Gonzo script and original art to sit on top of.

And finally this rather dramatic image was created originally for the SelfMadeHero 2010 catalogue, and subsequently adapted for use in the windows of the above exhibition.

Hunter S Thompson


Gonzo: a Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson by Will Bingley and Anthony Hope-Smith is available to order from the SelfMadeHero store for £11.29

Anthony Hope-Smith will be appearing at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival on November 2oth.

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