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The first and only graphic biography of one of the most famous musicians of all time — the Man in Black

Johnny Cash was a seventeen-time Grammy winner who sold more than 90 million albums in his lifetime and became an icon of American music in the twentieth century. Graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist depicts Cash’s eventful life from his early sessions with Elvis Presley in 1956 through the 1968 concert in Folsom Prison, his spectacular comeback in the 1990s, and the final years before his death in 2003. Already a bestseller and award-winner in Europe, Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness vividly portrays the unpredictable, turbulent life of a loner, patriot, outlaw, and music business rebel with all the drama and character befitting the man who became a legend in his own lifetime.

Max and Moritz Award
Best Graphic Novel 2008
Sondermann Award
Best National Production 2007